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Galway Fairytales Retailers

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Why Chose Galway Fairytales?  

The Galway Fairytales are more than just a book range. They are a wonderful series of light-hearted and positive educational stories on meaningful and current issues, all the while capturing the essence of Irish folklore beautifully. 

Printed exclusively in Ireland to a high quality standard, these books are treasured and loved by over 20,000 children worldwide so far. Help us help you and together we'll raise that number higher.

Main Customers

Tourists: With the Irish diaspora worldwide, as well as Ireland's reputation both in general and in regards to folklore, these books are sought-after gifts from Ireland in high demand, a real taste of Ireland. This is especially the case along THe Wild Atlntic Way.


Parents and Grandparents: Those who wish to purchase meaningful gifts for the children they love, to create lifelong memories and learn good morals.


Teachers, Educators and Childcare Professionals: Those in the realm of teaching who wish to support children in their emotional and mental wellbeing.

Display Units

The better the books are displayed, the better they sell.


To support you with this, we offer free display units in a variety of sizes. All are handmade out of Irish pine and present the books beautifully. We have recommendations too on how to best fill these displays from lengthy testing. Refills are available upon request, contact us for information on the options available.


From small to large, these bespoke stands are assured to enhance your shop.


Pricing: We like to support as much as we are supported. We have a wide variety of order options available, to cater to every need. See our brochure for recommended retail prices.


Wholesale Pricing: Depending on the option(s) chosen and the quantity ordered, bulk discounts, along with the aforementioned free display, are available.

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Galway Fairytales Brochure 2024

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