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Marth Begley Schade and President Of Ireland M D Higgins


Martha Begley Schade Author of Galway Fairytales

Discover the captivating mind behind “The Galway Fairytales,” Martha, a woman of diverse talents and a wealth of experience. Armed with a science degree and an MBA, Martha combines her analytical background with a profound understanding of human nature to craft stories that resonate with young minds.

Fluent in German and having spent 22 years in Germany, Martha’s multicultural perspective enriches the narratives with a global flavour. This linguistic versatility adds depth and inclusivity to her storytelling, making “The Galway Fairytales” a truly immersive experience for readers of all backgrounds.

As a mother of two, Martha’s journey into storytelling began as a means of communicating important ideas and concepts to her children. Her professional background as a business trainer and coach further fueled her ability to use stories to explain complex management concepts in a relatable manner.

When the first books were published, Martha was astounded by the conversations they sparked. It was then that she realized she was on a mission—an endeavour to not only entertain but to inspire and educate. Martha’s commitment to empowering children through the art of storytelling is evident in every word, creating a magical bridge between imagination and knowledge.

Join Martha on this extraordinary mission, where her unique blend of academic expertise, cultural richness, and storytelling mastery converge to create an enchanting world within “The Galway Fairytales.”

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