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Children's Wellbeing Toolkit
For Educators or Childcare Experts

Education and Children in Class

Welcome to "The Galway Fairytales" Children's Wellbeing Toolkit – a collection that goes beyond storytelling.


Galway Fairytales is a collection of enchanting stories designed to entertain and spark meaningful conversations about key themes in children's well-being. These light-hearted tales delve into issues such as bullying, friendship, kindness, teamwork, good guidance, persevering as a friend, the importance of saying sorry, limits to pranks, including others who are different, changes in family constellation, and coping with anxiety.

Each enchanting story serves as a gateway to discussions, supported by a comprehensive list of points for curious young minds. Elevating the educational value, every tale comes with interesting facts related to some aspect or feature in the story.


Set against the backdrop of relatable woodland characters and fairies, these stories explore diverse social issues and impart valuable lessons. What sets these books apart is the absence of a comparable range, making them a unique addition to the world of children's literature. We seamlessly weave Irish culture into modern-day learning, offering an enjoyable experience for both storytellers and young listeners.


To foster engagement and curiosity, each story is accompanied by a list of discussion points, encouraging young minds to explore the themes further. The beautifully printed pages boast rich illustrations, ensuring a high-quality visual experience that captivates readers."The Galway Fairytales" stand out not only for their captivating narratives but also for their commitment to promoting discussion, learning, and cultural appreciation.


Dive into these magical stories that entertain, educate, and inspire, creating a bond between the storyteller and the listener that lasts a lifetime.

     Target Age Range

"The Galway Fairytales" captivate a wide age range, 5 to 12 years.

Individual books feature a larger font for younger readers, aiding independent exploration.

Compilation books, with smaller fonts, present all five stories for older readers (9-12 years), ensuring acomprehensive experience.

Regardless of age, all children benefit from the timeless themes, fostering a love for literature and meaningful discussions.

Tree Of Life A Celtic Symbol for Health

Educator's Guide For Children's Wellbeing Programs

To enhance the stories' impact, we offer our Educator's Guide. This guide is a treasure trove, providing ideas for setting up Children's Wellbeing Workshops, organizing reading circles, offering journaling prompts, parent-child challenges, work-based activity sheets, and engaging art projects centered around the book themes. Unleash the full potential of the Galway Fairytales books as a holistic educational resource for children's well-being.

Bulk Purchases or Discounts

Make your investment in "The Galway Fairytales" even more rewarding with our exclusive bulk purchase discounts and promotions. We understand the importance of making these enchanting stories accessible to a wide audience, and we're delighted to offer a substantial discount on orders of multiple copies.

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Writers In Schools Scheme

The Arts Council of Ireland provide funding for inviting writers into schools. It would be our pleasure to visit your school or educational centre to provide your students with motivational speaking or “Meet & Greet the Author” events.Please feel free to contact us to find out more. Find out more here:

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