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Book 1: Liam & Carmie. Apologies Matter


Liam, the arrogant fox, takes without permission the gifts laid out for Carmie the fairy. When asked, he first denies it and then, refuses to apologise properly. What Carmie dies next shocks everyone in the woods, especially Liam. Will he learn his lesson? Find out more inside.


Book 2: Síofra & Her Apprentices. Developing a Social Conscience.


When is a prank no longer funny? Síofra, the fairy teacher is working with her apprentices Willow, Alannah and Naoise. They love playing pranks on visitors to the woods. Síofra tries to teach them to respect the feelings of others. Some learn from their mistakes and one doesnt. You can read what happens inside!


Book 3: The Fairy Gala. Community Includes Everyone.


It's fairy gala time! Fairies from other towns around Ireland come to take part in the Merlin Woods fairy gala. They all look so different and there's a strange atmosphere. The locals don’t quite know how to handle the situation. See what happens when they all begin to work together and overcome their differences!


Book 4: Dubheasa & Fiadh. Breaking Up is Hard to Do.


What happens when a family constellation changes? In this story, the elder fairies decide it is better they live in separate trees. Small Dubheasa and Fiadh feel their whole world is changing. They learn how life is like a river, with twists and turns, but it still flows.


Book 5: Mary & Macriona. Coping With Anxiety


What can a fairy do when they experience panic or anxiety? One day, when little Macriona is in town she becomes overwhelmed by panic. A father called Janosch comes to her aid and starts her out on the journey of learning to manage her anxiety.


All 5 books of the Merlin Fairy Series in one book.


Five stories with messages for children. Fairies from Merlin Woods fo through issues and learn from their experiences. A brilliant read!


This contains all the stories of the 5 individual books of the series, including the discussion lists and fun facts from each story. 


Much loved by children, parents and grandparents alike. This book offers hours of lovely storytelling sessions on a wide variety of topics.




Merlin Fairy Series Compilation Book. Paperback.

  • 978 1 8380 148 8 9

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