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June 2021 - When It all Became Real

In May, I had decided to give up on writing these books.

Martha loving being at the Artisans market in the Galway Rowing Club

After all, Amazon was virtually hiding all my work as I was self-published. I was a dot in the ocean of the millions if not billions of other children's books on the market. Why should I continue?

But then, I was invited to take part in a local Artisan's market with the group That was really the start of it all.

People came to the market, saw my books, listened to my descriptions and liked it all. With every purchase I was coming closer to ordering more. With each new customer I had more ideas and let's be honest, motivation to write more.

I could engage in live storytelling sessions and see for myself how the children responded. I began to understand how important my writing could be to some child in helping them develop their understandings of issues in life. I swelled with pride with the honour that had been imposed on me.

Could it be, that this unexpected journey was meant to be?

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Gelika Papp
Gelika Papp
08 feb 2022

It's a proof that the Internet can't replace human contact. Storytelling can't be virtual...

It's great to see how the story of these books, is so universal! Trying to find its way through to tell a truth, and thereby building up relationships.

Take care, 😘 *someone_from_Marseille*

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