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Going Back To My Roots

March 13th, 2022, Croom, Co Limerick, Padraig Broderick's Spar Shop

"If you don't know where you are coming from, how will you know where you are going". I got a very strong reminder of this when I recently launched my book "Síofra & Her Apprentices" in my home town.

I guess I didn't have many expectations so perhaps that is why it turned out so overwhelming and amazing. The support I received from my town was second to none. My sons and I were received so warmly and heartily. People I had not seen in decades were there to support "one of their own" and of course, my own family.

It all started with an invitation to do the book launch from the owner of the main shop in the town, Padraig Broderick. It was quickly followed by support from local politicians who offered to carry out the official launching for me. Local press were there and helped make it a grand occasion. All pictures here are credit to Denis Hehir from the Vale Star and the Observer Press. My thanks goes to him too, he did a wonderful job.

In spirit were my parents who would have loved nothing more than to see this event take place. I could feel them up in heaven, smiling down and cheering everybody on. It was wonderful and I can very easily say, my heart is split in two. Half of it is filled with love for Galway and the other half, filled with love for Croom and the wonderfully kind Limerick people.

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