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Galway Fairytales are lighthearted Irish tales that can be used for entertainment.

Storytelling benefits children in so many ways: increases vocabulary, verbal reasoning, conceptual thinking, listening abilities, reasoning, concentration and helps to develop empathy.

Galway Fairytales goes a step or two further. In every story with our woodland animals or fairy characters, we have interwoven social topics. Topics that children experience every day, such as bullying, friendship, kindness, teamwork, finding your source of good guidance, persevering as a friend, owning up to wrongdoing, learning to respect others’ feelings, social inclusion, family breakups, and the most requested, coping with anxiety.

Children benefit from listening to these stories and discussing them afterwards using the discussion lists provided at the end of every story.

To increase the educational value of the books, we have added interesting facts about the main character or some aspect of the individual in the story. There are interesting facts about pigeons, badgers, squirrels, trees, owls, foxes, fairies, herbs, Irish gods and goddesses, and most importantly, techniques how to cope with anxiety.

With our books we want to provide children with the opportunity to enjoy learning. As adults, we want our children to learn and develop better life skills. After all, “what you learn as a child, stays with you a lifetime”.

Get 1 individual book, or get a compilation (5 books in 1 book) or get the whole series in a bundle.
Our Fairytales come in both E-Book & Paperback formats.

Ideas for Children’s Wellbeing Program

Are you an educator or involved in children’s welfare? Are you interested in helping children? Then these books will be available to you with a bulk discount.

Download our free Educators Guide for ideas on:

★Storytelling Workshops

★Forming a Book Club or Reading Circle

★Reading Challenges

★Journaling Prompts

★Parent-Child Challenges

★Themed Arts and Crafts Projects

★Activity Sheets for each Theme

Are you a Retailer?

We enjoy working with our happy retailer customers. We also ship outside of Ireland.

Check out our display boxes, the options available and let us know which best suits your needs. 

Our display stands come in 2 sizes, small (4 Slots) and medium (12 slots) and they take different combinations of the books, for example:


Small 4 slot display stand:

Option 1: 40 Individual books

Option 2: 20 Compilation Books

Option 3: 10 Compilation Books + 20 Individual Books.


Medium 12 Slots Display Stand

Option 1: 36 Compilation Books

Option 2: 6 Compilation Books + 100 Individual Books.


With Refills possible at any stage.

The Galway Fairytales story so far

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November and December Weekends.

Galway Fairy Tales Tiny Traders at the Spanish Arch Galway

SHOWCASE 2024 Stand L31 RDS, Dublin

21st 23rd January 2024.


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wild atlantic way

Did you know that Galway Fairytales can be found along the Wild Atlantic Way?

As a memory of your trip why not take home a wonderful book for your family.