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Introducing "Síofra & Her Apprentices: Developing a Social Conscience," a captivating children's book that takes readers on a magical journey with Síofra, the fairy teacher, as she attempts to instill good behavior in her mischievous apprentices, Alannah, Willow, and Naoise.


Despite her best efforts, the apprentices continue to play pranks on unsuspecting people, often disregarding their feelings. As their misadventures unfold, Síofra is faced with the challenge of teaching them an important lesson about empathy and social responsibility. While two of the apprentices eventually learn from their mistakes, one remains defiant.


With an engaging storyline and valuable life lessons, this enchanting book is a must-have for children and parents alike. Join Síofra and her apprentices on a journey of growth, understanding, and the importance of treating others with kindness and respect.

Síofra & Her Apprentices. Developing a Social Conscience.

7,00 €Price
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