FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

We get asked questions from time to time so here is our FAQ so you can avail of the answers too.

Yes, they are available in the Irish Language and we are very open to suggestions about other languages. Just contact us with your ideas.

Absolutely yes. I just need time to prepare them. I am planning to narrate them myself.

Not at all. These social issues are ones that children all over the world experience, so are valid for children all over the world.

I always recommend people to get a comfortable setting. Get the children eager by planning in advance. When everyone is ready, dim the lights and immerse yourselves in the storytelling session. Once the story is over, try using the discussion points at the end to open up the conversation about that topic. Remember there is no right way or wrong way – so make it your way of telling these stories.

Many people organise a storytelling session, one per week and do the whole series in that fashion. Believe me, the children will never forget the experience.

No, not at all. Unless people consider Irish fairies to be paganism? The aim is to use woodland characters as a medium to tell a story that will help children.

As we haven’t had any returns to date, we officially don’t have a returns policy. However, if for some reason you are unhappy, please contact us and we will do everything in our power to support you.

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